Saskatchewan best place to mine in Canada

The Fraser Institute has released its annual ranking of the best jurisdictions for mineral investment. Four of the top 10 places are Canadian provinces.

The Fraser Institute: Decreasing Levels of Economic Freedom in Many U.S. States Hindering Recovery From the Recession and Reducing Standards of Living

Levels of economic freedom among American states have declined significantly compared to Canadian provinces, according to a new report released today by the Fraser Institute.

Australia, Nevada and Quebec ratings plunge in Fraser mining survey

The Fraser Institute says Alberta is the world’s most attractive jurisdiction for mining exploration and development, no thanks to new or proposed mining tax hikes in Australia, Nevada and Quebec. Read more

Fraser Institute mining survey – have your say

Since 1997 The Fraser Institute has undertaken the  prestigious and confidential Annual Survey of Mining Companies. The mining survey measures the investment attractiveness of 71 jurisdictions around the world based on both government policy and resource endowments. Information from the survey is used by mining executives to monitor the investment attractiveness of different parts of the [...]