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How to profit from low-grade gold mines

Mining costs rose steadily through the 2000s which should have hurt a lot of gold miners. But it didn’t.

World Gold Council announces update to AISC guidance

It is expected that companies may choose to use the updated guidance starting January 1, 2019.

N. American gold ETF outflows up in May — World Gold Council

Volatility in the metal's market dragged prices lower.

GO GOLD! Inflationary tariffs could supercharge the yellow metal

"What I can say with full confidence, though, is that prices will rise—for producers and consumers alike—which is good for gold but a headwind for continued economic growth."

Negative rates to boost gold prices, demand to record highs – WGC

According to the industry body, negative interest-rate policies (or NIRP) for some of the world’s key central banks could change the way investors think about risk, benefitting the yellow metal.

Global gold demand hits six-year-low as China, India buy less

Total bullion demand dropped 12% in the second quarter of the year, due in part to directionless prices, the WGC says.

China to launch $16bn gold investment fund

The entity will be run by a new company to be established by gold producers and financial institutions.

Global gold demand drops 1% in Q1, but investments jump — report

Once again Asia drove demand, with China and India alone accounting for 54% of the total.

Turkey’s gold imports down, but bullion still ‘key’ to the local economy — WGC

Despite the rosy picture painted by the industry body, official figures show that Turkey bullion imports more than halved last year.

Shanghai gold deals get a boost as WGC sets bullion free trade zone

The World Gold Council (WGC) and the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) have signed memorandum of understanding on a comprehensive strategic gold cooperation agreement.

Here is what India needs to effectively manage gold demand — interview

Somasundaram PR, Managing Director of the World Gold Council India, peels back the underlying weakness of India’s gold trade in an interview with

This is why India needs a gold policy — WGC

There are at least seven good reasons, says the World Gold Council.

Asian gold demand up as India’s Diwali boost sales

The World Gold Council predicts that India will import 850 to 950 tonnes of gold this year.

World Gold Council bullish on demand, ETFs role

Industry body sees demand rising as economic growth lifts consumers’ incomes.

Top South African miners leave the World Gold Council

As members pay per ounce of metal produced, both companies said they had to look at the cost-benefits of staying in the organization.

Gold demand plummets to four-year low

It dropped 21% in Q3, marking what several analysts consider a solid proof of the end of gold’s decade-long bull run.

Consumer demand for gold jumps 53%

Boosted mainly by China and india.

Italy should use gold-backed bonds as an alternative to austerity: WGC

The strategy would be a more remedial answer for countries facing financial challenges than outright gold reserve sales, says the organization.

World gold demand falls in 2012 for first time in three years

The World Gold Council predicts consumption of the precious metal should be steady this year, although unlikely to reach the high levels seen in the worst of the financial crisis.

Conflict-free gold standard about to become a fact

The World Gold Council unveiled today the long-awaited “exposure draft” of the so-called conflict-free gold standard, which aims to crack down on gold tainted by conflict and human rights violations, such as the ongoing supply coming from the rebel forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gold still one of the best portfolio diversifiers

Gold is still the king of commodities when it comes its role as a diversifier and foundation asset in the portfolios of euro-based investors, says the new report "Gold as a strategic asset for European investors," commissioned by The World Gold Council (WGC).