TransCanada Mining News

TransCanada says pipeline may have ruptured

Natural gas pipeline serves northern Alberta's oil sands.

Canada planning $24-million oil sands advertising counter campaign

It's the costliest ad campaign undertaken in recent years.

Canada must have a ‘Plan B’ in case Obama rejects Keystone: report

Possible scenarios include lawsuits, trade retaliation or simply waiting for a new administration, while maintaining diplomacy and keeping up pressure.

TransCanada's Energy East pipeline delayed

'Too much work to be done' before application can be filed.

No White House decision on Keystone this year – TransCanada Corp.

With review from Department of State not complete, decision will likely come next year.

TransCanada $12bn west-east pipeline to create 10,000 jobs—report

Report prepared by Deloitte & Touche shows the pipeline could also generate $10 billion in GDP just in the construction phase.

Obama to TransCanada: No pipeline if greenhouse emissions go up

US president gives speech on climate change at Georgetown University.