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Thom Calandra: Precious metals, uranium & other key commodities to watch

Thom discusses a few of his favorite picks, including a new gold producer in Mexico, Canarc Resources.

Avalon Rare Metals is now Avalon Advanced Materials

Name change reflects a switch on the company's focus.

Cases of malaria on the rise in Colombia’s mining regions, study shows

Cases of the mosquito-borne disease in Colombia have been skyrocketing, but only in areas where mining activities have increased, a new study shows.

Colombia bans mining in country’s vast moorlands

Mining in the area of the Andes mountains right above the continuous tree line had been prohibited since 2011, but concessions granted before such ban had continued to date.

The world's 10 wettest mines

One of these mines gets more than fives times the rain of Canada's rainiest city.

Junior spikes 37% on tungsten-moly mine approval

Okay from New Brunswick government comes with 40 environmental conditions.

Illegally mined gold from Colombia sold in the US — report

Small-scale miners are being forced out at gunpoint or extorted to work for the armed groups that are taking over their operations. These gangs later sell the gold in the U.S., a report reveals.

What do conflict minerals have to do with financial reform?

A small statute in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act is wreaking havoc in the Congo, according to a new report by National Center for Policy Analysis Senior Fellow David Grantham.

About 80% of Colombia’s gold output comes from illegal miners — Gov't

Authorities say the $2.5 billion illicit mining industry is creating a parallel economy that is deemed to damage the business of those who operate legally.

Avalon Rare Metals begins pilot plant program at lithium asset

The facility aims to test a new lithium minerals process developed by the company over the past year.

Dodd-Frank: Five years and $1.5 trillion later

In the five years since the Dodd-Frank Act passed, oil produced in developing countries was worth an estimated $1.55 trillion for those governments. But because the landmark US transparency law remains delayed, any payments that flowed to governments took place with limited or no transparency.

When it comes to conflict mining regulation, should one size fit all?

Conflict mining remains an important issue, and one we are beginning to see governments step in to address in different ways.

Avalon banks on new ‘blood metals’ rule for Canada’s tin mine success

The miner is spending $1.3 million in exploration work aimed to reopen a historic tin-indium mine in Nova Scotia.

Three Australian miners Richard Karn believes are positioned for success

When institutional capital eventually comes back to the sector, money will flow first to companies in or nearing production now.

CFSI enables companies to comply with new EU Conflict Minerals rules

Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Expands Geographic Scope, Adopts Risk-Based Approach

EU lawmakers surprise with vote on ‘blood metals’ ban

The main objective of the legislation is to ensure that profits from those so-called “blood metals” — tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold — do not go to African warlords.

Major blow to illegal mining in Colombia’s Amazon: 59 arrested

The country's armed forces raided 63 illegal mines operated by leftist guerrillas, blowing up machinery and arresting dozens.

EU lawmakers toughen up rules limiting the import of conflict minerals

The lawmakers voted 22 to 16 to strengthen a draft law requiring importers, smelters and refiners to certify their goods are conflict-free.

It's been 45 years since Britain opened a new metal mine

Expected to hire over 200 people.

INFOGRAPHIC: Everything you need to know about copper porphyries

This infographic covers everything you should know about copper porphyries, a deposit type responsible for about 60% of copper, 95% of molybdenum, and 20% of gold produced today.

Colombia to speed approval of permits, crack down on illegal miners

The country wants investors back and has vowed to reduce the time it takes to process permits to less than two months.

'Diamonds really did save the Northwest Territories' – mines minister

"We've seen a lot of people who were involved with the initial diamond rush in the early 90s come back to us."

Colombian gold CEO involved in $970m laundering case arrested

Prosecutors claim the gold company and its top executives are at the centre of a money-laundering scheme involving cocaine traffickers.

Obama’s conflict minerals law has destroyed everything, say Congo miners

When his father could no longer make enough money from the tin mine, when he could no longer pay for school, Bienfait Kabesha ran off and joined a militia.

Miners ordered to hand back land to natives in Colombia

The ruling, which affects 11 gold mining companies, is the first of its kind in the South American nation.