SEC dismisses copper manufacturers' complaints against JPMorgan ETF

SEC's statement makes it easier for the bank to launch its debated product.

SEC under attack for approving JPMorgan’s copper ETF

The move is likely to delay the launch of JPMorgan's new investment product, first publicly proposed in October 2010.

SEC endorses JPMorgan copper ETF

The resolution makes it easier for the U.S. bank to launch its product.

SEC sets date for long-awaited vote on 'conflict minerals' rules

The US Securities and Exchange Commission will vote in August on controversial rules requiring extensive reporting from companies using ‘conflict minerals’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Understanding the Major Reporting Codes for Mineral Resources

The mining industry depends on financial investments that, in turn, depend on how well investors understand the risks involved in estimating mineral resources or ore reserves. Professional organizations in several different countries have published codes […]