HKEX's mainland China commodity trade platform launches

The first spot transaction sees 3,000 tonnes of alumina change hands at $437.23 a tonne.

Russian billionaires clash over $47 billion aluminum supply deal

Sual Partners Group, owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, is suing Rusal, the world's top aluminum producer and commodities giant Glencore over an aluminum supply deal worth some $47 billion.

Workers at Guinea RUSAL refinery continue to block production

Government threatens to send in security forces after workers blocked production for the sixth consecutive day after initial negotiations failed

Strike stops output at Rusal bauxite mine in Guyana

Workers at Guyana's largest bauxite mine are resisting pressure from the company for 75 layoffs in return for a 10% wage increase for those who remain.

En+ Group’s first transaction of emission reduction units from a Joint Implementation Project

The En+ Group has completed a transaction to sell approximately 1 million emission reduction units (ERUs) that will be created by a Joint Implementation (JI) Project under Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol. The ERUs will be created at the Bratsk aluminum smelter. The smelter is owned by UC Rusal.  The En+ Group holds a [...]

Rusal sees great advantages in colloidal anode paste at Krasnoyarsk

UC RUSAL, the world’s largest aluminium and alumina producer, has completed the conversion of one potroom at its Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter (KrAZ) to the colloidal anode paste technology and says “the economic effect from this innovation at one potroom alone can be up to $1 million annually.” Using colloidal anode paste is one of the key [...]

UC Rusal ‘greens’ aluminium production

UC RUSAL reports it has successfully launched test production of the key component of a unique environmentally sound aluminium production technology – colloidal anode paste. The total investment in this project will amount to $25 […]