Uranium Mining News

Miners increased spending positive, but far from reaching staff just yet

While most miners have managed to straighten the balance sheets, they have not began preparing to deal with a new looming risk —their ability to access workers with the skills needed in an upswing.

CHART: Trump $500 billion will do very little for global mining

Even if the US president-elect's massive infrastructure build-out plan makes it through Congress intact.

Uranium collapse signals 2020 positive supply shock: GoviEx CEO

The uranium market is showing all the signs of a cyclical industry suffering a post-party hangover -- except this was an all-weekend party session.

Uranium price: Industry settles down to depressing reality

Uranium price is down 45% this year as stockpiles reach 1.4 billion tonnes – enough to fuel the world's reactors for eight years.

CAT and Trimble to strengthen mining technology collaboration

As part of the deal, CAT is expected to become the primary sales, marketing, distribution and support channel for Trimble’s Connected Mine platform.

Cameco up 11% on better-than-expected revenues

Uranium market still anemic.

Uranium fundamentals remain but near term is flat

The fact of the matter is the low price environment has choked off exploration activity for uranium and we are at the point where there are not enough uranium projects in the pipeline that can adequately meet the upcoming demand.

Equity markets all but closed for mining IPOs

Miners have to look at debt, private investors and alternative financing like pre-pays for growth capital according to new report.

12 schools in Salzburg evacuated after radioactive rock discovered

Educators in the Austrian city of Salzburg hit the panic button after the unintended discovery of a radioactive rock in a science classroom.

Activists urge Congo government to pass new mining code

Congo began reviewing its mining code in 2012, aiming to increase state revenues and tighten environmental and social regulations, but it has yet to make a decision about it.

Spaniards to protest against Berkeley’s Retortillo-Santidad uranium mine

Plataforma Stop Uranio has been leading a series of protest actions against Berkeley Resources' Retortillo mine.

Canyon uranium mine may hold vast amounts of copper — report

The Canyon uranium project in northern Arizona is slated to begin production next year.

Mick Davies' X2 Resources fails to deliver, frees investors from commitments

Launched three years ago with a $5.6bn war chest, the fund once hailed as leader of a new wave of mining investment changes course.

Caterpillar axes sales forecast, warns factors depressing orders could linger

While quarterly earnings beat analysts expectations, revenue fell short of estimates and CAT also lowered its full-year guidance.

The world’s largest nuclear power station went on a treasure hunt—here’s what they found

As operator of the world’s largest nuclear power station, Bruce Power LP generates staggering amounts of electricity — roughly 50 terawatts each year, according to James Scongack, the Tiverton, Ont.-based company’s vice-president of corporate affairs.

Caterpillar rally hindered by fresh drop in sales

The world’s largest heavy machinery maker has logged a 18% drop in global sales of machinery for the three-month period ended in September.

BHP Billiton to lose chairman Jac Nasser next year

He said he had intended to announce his retirement last year but chose to stay on while BHP dealt with the aftermath of the Samarco mine disaster in Brazil.

World’s top miner BHP Billiton finally sees signs of recovery in mining

BHP is not the first major player to flag green shoots in the mining industry. Caterpillar, the world's largest heavy machinery maker, said the same last month.

Argentinian province to launch mining referendum

A moratorium in place since 2003 bans open-pit mining and the use of cyanide for metal recovery.

Canada's top five mining juniors doubled their market cap in 2016

All gold companies except for the top one.

Positive signs put Canadian junior miners in a good position for recovery – PwC report

Investors have seen a rise in the market capitalization of top junior mining companies on the TSX Venture Exchange by more than 100% compared to last year.

Uranium miner looking at gold

Aura Energy has set its hopes on a gold deposit next to its uranium Tiris project in Mauritania.

Plan Nord: Extracting the most value for Quebec

" Despite the uncertainty around global metal prices, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has thrown his support behind a project that has the potential to be transformational for the north of his province."

CHART: Despite unnerving gold price fall, mining rally's intact

While met coal is clearly the star performer, thermal coal is probably the biggest upset – seaborne prices have jumped 65% in 2016 to above $80 a tonne.

Commodity update: Is the summer slump over?

Despite bumps in the road, most commodities are still having big years on a YTD basis.