Uranium Mining News

GRD Minproc awarded contract for Extract Resources Rossing South Uranium Project

Engineering and project delivery company GRD Minproc, a subsidiary of GRD Limited, will conduct the feasibility study for Extract Resources Rossing South Uranium Project in Namibia….more at MEIOnline

Australia needs nuclear power to tackle global warming – Dr Ziggy Switkowski

Australians are not serious about tackling global warming and transitioning to clean energy if the country does not include nuclear power, leading industry advocate, Dr Ziggy Switkowski, said today at the opening of day two of the 2009 Paydirt Uranium Conference in Adelaide. He questioned why Australia was falling behind the rest of the world [...]

Australia’s uranium sector to substantially increase the country’s GDP

Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would be boosted by A$17 billion by 2030 if it maximised its supply role in the global demand for nuclear-based cleaner energy, according to one of the country’s major uranium lobby groups. Addressing the first day in Adelaide today of the 2009 Paydirt Uranium Conference, Australian Uranium Association Executive Director, Michael [...]

CANADIAN MINING PERSPECTIVES: Western Australia lifts uranium ban

The six-year ban on uranium mining in Western Australia has been lifted, newly elected Premier Colin Barnett announ... [Full Story]

GRD Minproc Awarded Study Contract for the Bannerman Resources Ltd Anomaly a Uranium Project

Engineering construction company GRD Minproc, a subsidiary of GRD Limited, has been awarded a contract by Bannerman Resources Limited to carry out feasibility studies for the Anomaly A Uranium Project in Namibia. The Anomaly A […]

BHP feels the squeeze at Olympic Dam

BHP Billiton, the world's biggest mining company, said labour and equipment shortages forced it to stagger the proposed expansion of its Olympic Dam uranium, copper and gold mine, forecast to cost at least $US6 ...

Increased uranium production and exploration in the USA

A new report recently released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) documents various US uranium trends, including an upswing in exploration, production and employment in 2007. EIA’s Domestic Uranium Production Report, released May 13, […]

Phosphate latest craze for investors

PURE SPECULATION: Robin Bromby NO sooner does one mania finish, it seems, than another one is off to the races. There was the uranium craziness, followed by mini-manias for various specialty metals and iron ore […]