Ventana Gold Mining News

Ventana supports revised EBX bid; Severstal cuts ties with Sacre-Coeur

Vancouver’s junior mining sector was abuzz with merger and acquisition activity Monday morning while gold prices edged upward on the Toronto Stock Exchange, reports BIV Business Today.

Philippines hoping for a Colombia-like repeat in its mining sector

There are more than a few explorations companies drilling holes in the Philippines these days, all with the quiet hope that the country soon finds favour with serious resource investors in the much the same way that Ventana Gold and others became overnight rock stars, if you will, with their projects in Colombia.

Chris and Michael Berry: Correction Will Be Short-Lived

Correction? What correction? Chris Berry, founder of House Mountain Partners, and Michael Berry, publisher of Morning Notes and, think the 2011 price correction in precious metals is nothing but a passing fancy, and that […]