Victoria Gold Mining News

Five base metal projects underway in the Yukon

Headlines are echoing the shift toward the Yukon’s second gold rush.

Gold mines to inject new life into Canada’s far north

Economic growth in Yukon and Nunavut is expected to surpass the rest of Canada due to new mine construction.

Video: Interview with Victoria Gold CEO John McConnell at Dublin Gulch

Victoria Gold president and CEO John McConnell speaks about progress at the company's Dublin Gulch gold camp and renewed optimism in the Yukon’s gold sector.

Victoria Gold outlines $508m Yukon mine

Fully permitted Eagle Gold mine will average 200,000 ounces per year for 10 years at all-in costs of just $638 an ounce.

How Victoria Gold plans to sharpen Eagle economics

"We're not under the gun."

The Yukon junior that has walked right up to the finish line

Victoria Gold puts together the financing.