World Coal Association Mining News

Scientists weigh call for much deeper cuts to coal pollution

Coal currently feeds about 27% of the world’s energy demand.

Russia’s leading coal producer SUEK joins World Coal Association

SUEK is one of the world’s largest coal companies that produces higher-quality enriched coal.

Cleaner coal technologies vital to reducing CO2 emissions

The World Coal Association's chairman and Glencore executive, Mick Buffier, has called governments to increase investment in low emission technologies.

Coal industry says UN climate chief 'ignoring reality'

World Coal Association says Figueres's comments evidence her "lack of expertise in the mining and energy sectors."

UN climate chief to coal industry: 'Leave most existing reserves in the ground'

Christiana Figueres called the coal industry to diversify toward cleaner energy sources.

Poland hosts two very different climate change summits this week

As of Monday, Poland will be host to two climate change summits: One organized by the United Nations and the other by the World Coal Association.