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Fresh blow to world's largest mining project

World Bank pulls out of $20 billion Simandou iron ore project in Guinea, West Africa.

How much money have humans created?

People have created so much currency that it is almost hard to believe. Millions, billions, trillions... the numbers are so big that it is hard to picture. Today's video for The Money Project puts it all in context - and it's a must-watch.

Here is how fertilizers drive food prices

Study shows that, in the long run, a doubling of fertilizer prices leads to a 44% increase in food prices.

BSGR files notice of dispute over lost Guinea mining rights

BSGR denied any laws were broken and accused president Conde and his allies of attempting to steal BSGR’s assets.

About 50% of B.C. junior miners won’t be around by 2015—report

The 15 mining executives interviewed said this is "healthy" and part of the industry’s "natural cycle."