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Yuan could soon sit inside elite basket of currencies

The Chinese yuan is gathering prestige in the eyes of the International Monetary Fund, a move that could set off alarm bells in Washington.

Why a Fed rate hike could be a blessing for gold prices: Brien Lundin

Like a true contrarian, Gold Newsletter publisher Brien Lundin looks beyond the headlines to understand what is really moving precious metals prices.

China: follow the money!

On morning of 17 November, while Western investors were sleeping, China opened the door to its investment world. On that day China began two way trading between the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

China's inflation problem looms large

The global economy has become so unbalanced that even government ministers who would normally have trouble explaining supply or demand clearly recognize that something has to give.

Gold Forecaster – The U.S. & China going in opposite directions

China is in the midst of a ‘State visit’ to the U.S. but this time China will get a state banquet.   This implies a changed attitude to China by the U.S.  

Thinking about China as big changes seen coming in gold, silver markets

As relief courses through the Eurozone government bond markets at the success of Portugal’s, Spain’s and Italy’s government bond auction, the sharp edge of the crisis appears to go away, for now at least.