Zimbabwe Mining News

African conglomerate Moti is open to $500m stake sale

Moti said he’d be willing to sell as much as 25 percent to the right partner, but ruled out any prospect of an initial public offering.

Tharisa expands Zimbabwe exposure with $4.5 million platinum deal

It gives the company access to 23,903 hectares of land in the country Great Dyke, which has a potential for 96 million ounces of platinum and palladium.

Impala Platinum gives Zimbabwe almost half of its mining land

The miner's Zimbabwean subsidiary, Zimplats, has released 23,903 hectares of its mining claims to the government.

Zimbabwe removes requirement for foreign mines to list locally

Mines Minister Winston Chitando had last month promised to remove the requirements, which he said caused panic among foreign mining firms.

Tharisa may join $4.2bn Zimbabwe platinum project

Tharisa would join Karo Resources, founded by mining entrepreneur Loucas Pouroulis, in building the mine.

Australia's Prospect Resources closing in on Zimbabwe lithium financing

The Australian-listed company expects to secure more than $55 million in funding for the first phase of the Arcadia Lithium project.

Zimbabwe will not require foreign mining companies to list locally

Zimbabwe will remove the clause from a mines amendment bill now before parliament, the mines minister said on Friday.

Zimbabwe lithium excites but projects face funding hurdle

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been trying to shore up foreign investor interest in a country rich in mineral resources but starved of capital.

Zimbabwe parliament delays Mugabe's questioning on diamond revenue

Mugabe to face legislators over his previous pronouncements that the state had been deprived of at least $15 billion in diamond revenue by mining companies.

Zimbabwe miner looking at refinery upgrade for battery grade lithium

Zimbabwe Mines Minister Winston Chitando said the country would generate revenue of $1.4bn over eight years from the Kamativi lithium project.

Botswana Diamonds, Vast Resources team up to explore in Zimbabwe

The two companies will exchange past exploration information on areas prospective for diamonds in Zimbabwe and form a jointly-owned special purpose vehicle to develop and exploit diamond resources.

Caledonia wants to expand in Zimbabwe

The company is negotiating the possibility of buying the government’s 16 per cent stake in the Blanket project.

Illegal gold miners invade Grace Mugabe's farm amid legal dispute

The illegal miners at Smithfield last month told Grace that she no longer had any power to evict them.

Zimbabwe's parliament orders Mugabe to answer questions over diamonds

Former leader Robert Mugabe will have to answer questions next month about whether the state was deprived of $15 billion in diamond revenue.

Moti Group is open to selling shares in Zimbabwe mine operation

The Moti Group would be open to listing the stock in its operation provided it makes “business sense and has a strong rationale behind it.”

Zimbabwe to sell shares in state-owned firms as part of reforms

Zimbabwe is looking to sell shares in 35 state-owned firms, including telecoms and mining entities.

More artisanal miners invade Grace Mugabe’s farm

The miners say they won’t leave unless president Emmerson Mnangagwa asks them to.

Zimbabwe's top platinum miner warns listing rule to backfire

Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. sees little interest in a listing among local investors.

Zimbabwe wants mining companies to list on local exchange

Move aims at boosting investment and local ownership of the country's vast mineral resources.

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe mining rush leaves big producers behind

The government says mining commitments reached as much as $6 billion since Mnangagwa’s appointment.

Illegal gold miners invade Grace Mugabe’s farm

Mugabe was touring the farm when she ran into the miners.

Zimbabwe hopes to transform mining sector with $4.2 bln platinum deal

It was unclear where all the funding would come from and analysts said the project start date of July looked very ambitious.

Moti doubles Zimbabwe investments as economy seen opening up

Moti Group is preparing to double its investments in Zimbabwe to $500 million after the removal of Robert Mugabe as president in November.

Zimbabwe changes majority black ownership for diamond, platinum mines

The mpowerment laws now limit majority ownership by state miners only to the diamond and platinum sectors, as oppose to the entire mining sector.

Zimbabwe ownership law stymies RioZim's bold expansion plan

RioZim Ltd., a Zimbabwean diamond, nickel and gold miner, wants to more than double output of gemstones at its Murowa mine.