'Tantamount to selective reporting': analyst on Barkerville Gold's 43-101

The Northern Miner called Garth Kirkham, chairman of the best practices committee at the Geological Society of Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum (CIM), who was not sparing in his opinion of the 43-101 that Barkerville Gold Mines (TSX-V:BGM) released on Monday night:

The hundred thousand or so samples that George did not incorporate into the software show a grade of -1 in the database. That means a lack of information on the sample, which often happens because the field geologist did not send the core to be assayed because it was obviously not mineralized.

“It’s not just an error, it’s tantamount to selective reporting,” Kirkham continued. “You can’t just say all those -1s, all the stuff that we didn’t sample, actually is mineralized. If that’s the case then you best substantiate that. And he doesn’t.”

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Barkerville Gold is not trading on the TSXV while the British Columbia Securities Commission asks for more paperwork from the company, saying that the technical report it filed on Monday " . . . was not in the required form under National Instrument 43-101Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects."

In a statement the company said it is "working diligently" to address the concerns of the BCSC and will file a revised report as soon as possible.