Teck partially suspends smelter due to forest fire smoke

Trail, BC, not in smoke. Creative Commons image courtesy of TracyLeigh.

Forest fire smoke in the interior of British Columbia forced Teck to temporarily suspend part of its Trail operations on Monday.

The Linde plant, which provides oxygen to Teck Trail Operations, is currently shut down due to poor air quality in the area. The lead smelting operation has been suspended, while zinc operations are not affected.

“This situation is day-to-day. Regional air quality conditions are being actively monitored and we have response plans in place to ensure employee safety is protected,” said Teck spokesperson Chris Stannell in an email.

Teck’s Trail Operations, one of the world’s largest fully integrated zinc and lead smelting and refining complexes, employs 1,400 workers. In 2017 the smelter produced 310,000 tonnes of zinc.

Smoke from forest fires has blanketed much of British Columbia. Air quality advisories have been issued and various events have been cancelled.

Relief could be coming. Rain is forecast for the BC coast later this week.

Creative Commons image courtesy of TracyLeigh.

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