Ten scandalous diamond stories from 2012

As undoubtedly the most glamorous and aesthetically bedazzling mineral to fall within the general purview of the mining industry, diamonds draw more than their fair share of fascination and scandal.

Listed below are ten of our most scandalous and staggering diamond stories from 2012:

1. 50-million year old tree fossil uncovered in Canadian diamond mine

2. Russia says it's flush with 'trillions of carats' in extraterrestrial gems

3. How a diamond is like a champagne cork

4. Chinese diamond mogul funding Mugabe's military: report

5. Double diamond anvil generates pressures greater than at the center of the Earth

6. Antwerp rocked by $1 billion diamond tax scandal

7. Wisconsin man finds a diamond in the mire

8. Gamma rays used to find diamonds

9. Diamond swallowed at exhibition a fake; $13,000 gem still missing

10. Kim Rothstein charged with hiding $450,000 yellow diamond ring