Memo to the NDP and Greens: don't look a gift horse in the mouth

Resource jobs are in danger because the province's elites are 'detached from economic reality', according to a Vancouver Sun editorial.

Fazil Mihlar takes a takes a broad swipe at the NDP and other environmentalists who are opposing a broad range of resources projects that will deliver well-paying jobs.

The environmental movement is against the copper-gold Prosperity Mine near Williams Lake, which would add $4.5 billion to our economy and 60,000 person-years of direct and indirect employment over its lifetime. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is against Kinder Morgan’s $5-billion existing pipeline expansion project. Other local politicians line up against expansion of Port Metro Vancouver, which directly and indirectly employs 129,500 Canadians, pays out $6.1 billion in wages and adds $10.5 billion to our gross domestic product.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a think-tank funded partly by labour unions, isn’t enthusiastic about gas extraction, not to mention mining. Considering these projects offer highly paid union jobs, this is a shocking attitude.

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