The story of the great mining project that wasn’t so

You’ve heard the story before. The one about that promising mine project that was supposed to become the investment of the decade, or a prime producing mine. But it wasn’t.

Several projects end up disappointing hopeful investors not only due to community opposition or legal hurdles, but because they were not properly evaluated by the so-called experts.

Project evaluation experts require an understanding of much more than hard-data.

Objective reports require an understanding of much more than hard-data. They need professionals able to identify uncertainties and complexities inherently associated with mining projects.

A well-rounded project evaluation course should be the place to start. From March 1 to 3, leader in professional development and training for the mining industry — EduMine — is presenting a three-day live webcast by Micah Nehring, lecturer in the Mine Planning stream of courses at The University of Queensland, Australia.

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The course, divided into three sessions of three hours each, examines a number of valuation techniques to identify the viability of mining projects.

  • Part 1 – Introduction to Mining Project Evaluation and Capital Structure
  • Part 2 – Discounted Cash Flow and Traditional Mining Project Appraisal
  • Part 3 – Risk Analysis in Mining Project Appraisal and Modern Mining Project Appraisal

It also addresses the key issue of how such projects may be financed, a crucial consideration these days in light of the sustained rout in commodity prices that has severely hit the mining industry.

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