Top Priority for Mining Companies is Safety of the Workforce

According to the annual Mining Executive Insights survey conducted by Ventyx, the top priority for the participating mining companies was the safety of their workforce. The survey reflects the opinion of 374 mining companies and shows that ensuring the workforce's safety is on top of the list of priorities for 31 percent of them.

“Our research shows the mining industry remains cautious about the strength of global economic recovery. In response, many mining organizations have begun looking inward, especially in regard to the labor market. In doing so, they have shifted their focus from finding qualified workers anywhere, at any cost to ensuring the workforce they currently have is efficient, well-informed and safe,” said Bas Mutsaers, Senior Vice President of Mining Industry Solutions, Ventyx.

“As companies equip their workforces with new technologies – such as mobility solutions that enable faster access to information, regardless of location – they are finding they can change their traditional approach to training and skill development,” said Mutsaers. “There is definitely an opportunity for mining organizations to leverage emerging technologies to transform how they educate and empower their workers to reduce safety incidents and improve efficiencies. By delivering on-demand information to the point of work, for example, new mobility solutions can reduce the need to train workers for every possible situation while equipping them to make better on-the-spot decisions.”