Training can Reduce Costs of Mining Projects

4 Traders reports that according to a research conducted by Accenture, costs of mining projects can be reduced by training the needed workforce. One of the main reasons for delays in project schedules seems to be the lack of available talent.

The research was based on 31 interviews with mining and metals executives with responsibility for capital projects around the world. […] When asked what typically causes delays in project schedules, survey respondents cited the availability of talent (57%), new or unconsidered regulatory requirements (45%) and insufficient detail during the planning stage (42%). […] When asked about their top priorities in optimizing capital project management in response to the expected growth in project size and complexity, the executives cited ensuring the availability of the right leaders and talent for project delivery (72 percent), improving front-end planning and scheduling (52 percent), improved readiness for start-up and a more effective transition from planning to operations (43 percent), and effective stakeholder engagement (39 percent).