TRIO equipment provides solution for plant upgrade

A large producer in the Southeastern United States had faced a decision. After years of operation, one of its sand and gravel plants was in need of upgrading. Over the years, product needs had changed, and some of the existing equipment had reached the end of their useful operating lives. The company explored its options before deciding to simply update old equipment and utilize/refurbish the balance of the existing plant. Much of the plant was remanufactured, but several new items were added—specifically two TRIO fine washers.

The construction of TRIO's fine material washers exceed all other brands in the industry. TRIO products are recognized within the industry as a quality and reliability solution when upgrading or renewing plant equipment.

TRIO fine material washers are built with adjustable overflow weirs and a large overflow feed box that allows for the retention of finer mesh materials or if necessary, for the removal of those particles. Fabricated with heavy duty tubs, an extreme duty gearboxes with 100% to 16% reduction capability, these washers are built for long service lives.

With local distribution, and an enormous domestic factory parts inventory of TRIO and will-fit parts, hundreds of sand and gravel producers across the US rely on Trio to support their operating equipment.