Unfilled jobs in Canada's north are about to meet B.C.'s welfare recipients

Able-bodied welfare recipients in southern British Columbia will receive moving and training assistance so they can fill jobs in Northern B.C.

Kevin Falcon, B.C. Finance Minister, made the announcement at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Kamloops early this week. He said the plan's details are not yet developed. A formal announcement is planned for later.

"We're working across government to put together a package to find a way to fly them up to where work is, provide accommodation and training, if necessary, and put them into high-paying jobs," said Falcon, according to the Kamloops Daily News.

The program would be voluntary, and number of participants is expected to be small.

Northern B.C. has a number of major resource projects underway. The Kitimat aluminum smelter is being rebuilt for $2.5 billion. BC Hydro's Northwest Transmission Line is going ahead, which will cost about $404 million. And of course northeastern B.C. has numerous oil and gas projects and is located beside the perennially understaffed oilsands industry in Alberta.