US on 'flashing yellow alert' for hyperinflation: Art Cashin

UBS's Director of Floor Operations Art Cashin warns that the United States economy could be on the verge of runaway inflation due to the Fed's swelling of the money supply.

Speaking to King World News
Cashin, who manages $612 billion on behalf of UBS, says that the United States currently shares a number of "eerie parallels" with Weimar Germany, and that concerned investors should be on the watch for the delayed inflationary effects of money printing by the central bank.

According to Cashin the onset of hyperinflation could be delayed in the US as it was in Weimar Germany, with the inflationary spiral arriving several years subsequent to large-scale increases in money supply.

Cashin advises prudent investors to keep an eye on the velocity of money, as signaled by growth in figures for the M2 money supply which are printed weekly, and serves as one of the best portents of inflationary take-off.