US Mint unveils 2013 First Spouse gold coin designs

The US Mint inched closer to putting 2013 First Spouse coins on the market after unveiling their designs earlier this week.

There will be five First Spouse coins this year, warned the institution, because President Woodrow Wilson had two wives, Ellen and Edith.

edith rooseveltThe half-ounce gold coins with $10 face values will depict Ida McKinley, Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson.

The late unveiling of the 2013 first spouse coin designs comes after design candidates for the Edith Wilson coin were rejected in March by the two bodies responsible for reviewing and commenting on possible US Mint coin images — the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and the Commission of Fine Arts.

These final design images represent those chosen by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The first coin is expected to go on sale this fall.