Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies/John Meunier inc. commissions its first biostyr® baf at the Ravensview wastewater treatment plant in Kingston

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies / John Meunier Inc. is proud to announce the start-up of its first BIOSTYR® Biological Aerated Filter in Canada at the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kingston, Ontario.

BIOSTYR® Biological Aerated Filters

BAFs (Biological Aerated Filters) are compact treatment processes, which combine filtration and aerobic/anoxic treatment using a fixed-film biological degradation process. The BIOSTYR® BAF uses floating polystyrene media comprised of individual spherical beads as the support for biofilm growth. Wastewater is fed in an upflow manner through the BIOSTYR® resulting in biological abatement of the pollution as well as physical filtration of suspended solids. Space restrictions at the construction site necessitated a compact and efficient biological treatment technology….more at