VIDEO: What is graphene good for?

Graphene could vastly improve batteries with quick charging times, as well as being less toxic than most of the metals regular batteries are made out of, says Ric Kaner, a researcher who is profiled in a film about the wonder material. The film was selected as a finalist in GE FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition. Video embed is below.

In the film the Super Supercapacitor, Director Brian Golden Davis profiles researcher Kaner who set out to find a new way to make graphene. He found a material that could innovate battery charging due to its fast charging times. It is also non-toxic, so much so that it could be composted and dropped in a vegetable garden.

The film competition was looking for topics about ". . . exceptional people and world-changing ideas that have impacted the course of human development, now and then, or with great potential to significantly affect how we live in the next generation."