CHART OF THE DAY: 1,200 days of pain and counting on the TSX Venture

The TSX Venture is at 1,200 days and counting of the greatest loss in its past 25 years.

The time frame of the chart includes the defunct Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE), a bourse that catered and serviced the junior mining frenzy during the early 90s.

A bear market is classified as a loss of 20% or greater over a period of least two months.

Brief History Lesson Of Canada’s Venture Exchanges

In 1999, the Vancouver Stock Exchange merged with the Alberta Stock Exchange and the Winnipeg Stock Exchange, along with the micro-cap stocks from the Bourse de Montréal to create the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), an exchange for emerging companies too small to make it to the big boards.

In 2001, the Canadian Venture Exchange was acquired by the TMX Group, owners of the Toronto Stock Exchange, and rebranded to the TSX Venture Exchange.
With the data of each exchange in hand, we were able to normalize the indices to produce one index to rule them all.

The key takeaway is that the Index has never been this low.

But how much longer can this go on for?

We do not know for sure, but 2016 and onward look to be filled with economic uncertainty and volatility, both ingredients to fuel a comeback in gold. Let’s see what’s on the docket:

  • Oil’s demise – Even with continual Middle Eastern instability
  • Student debt crisis – Now at $1.3 trillion
  • Growing sub-prime auto loans – 40% of all auto loans are now subprime
  • Technology bubble – Over the top valuations, capital drying up
  • Leveraged ETFs and its ability to exaggerate financial volatility

Gold will always remain a safe haven and all charts and signs point to recovery. Here’s to a bull run in 2016!

On another note, we are happy to announce our successful rebrand to Palisade Global Investments, please check out our new site: Creative Commons image by Emilio Labrador.