3D animation – a mining communications solution

Effective communication is a critical aspect of any business and mining is no exception.  Mining companies depend on excellent communications, both internally and externally in order to function successfully in complex contemporary environments.  Among the most important of these communications are those designed to engage and inform the people and communities that a mine’s operations may affect.

Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper mine project near Superior, Arizona is an excellent example of where this this type of communication has been used effectively.  From its earliest days of development, the local residents have expressed interest in the effects of mining in the Superior area including those resulting from subsidence.  In addition, Native American tribes have expressed specific concerns regarding the protection and preservation of the historic “Apache Leap” and “Oak Flats” sites near the development.

Studio 522 Productions, a 3D animation and visual presentation company, was commissioned to create an animated presentation that accurately communicates the facts about subsidence at the Resolutions Copper site.  The animation progresses from an aerial view of the site to a cutaway view below the surface where the primary ore body is located.  The animation continues by showing incremental extraction of ore material and the corresponding subsidence taking place at the surface above.

Today, Resolution Copper is using this presentation on their website to provide readily accessible information to any concerned parties.  It is part of a larger presentation of issues related to the mine’s development and operation.  Through the use of contemporary tools like computer graphics and animation, miners can present the facts to their audiences in a clear, concise and effective format.  These presentations provide an excellent opportunity to dispel myths, correct misinformation and to explain the complex and often confusing situations involved in a complex mining project.