African steel demand is expected to hit 3M tonnes per year by 2050

WASHINGTON D.C., 14 March 2018 – In 2015, The economist published “It’s a STEEL!” analyzing Chinese strategy of their over-production of steel. There may be reason to be suspicious of Chinese steelmakers' motives. To some, it looks as if China simply wants to export its domestic pollution abroad. Officials are desperately trying to close dirty domestic steel plants. Persuading China’s Iron and Steel Association to do their business in Africa neatly blends environmental concerns with the government’s geopolitical motives to push investment in Africa. But now it seems that US Steel Industry might have to fight for what they believe in; over a century of iconic production. The attached FT report published today, United States Steel The Renaissance of an American Icon, gives insight as to what the Chinese will have to face, in the immediate future.

Download the report, United States Steel The Renaissance of an American Icon, here: