An Expanded Role for Cap Lamps

Toronto, ON – Cap lamps can now play a critical role in improving the way that mines communicate, collaborate and operate.

The new Genesis cap lamp from Northern Light Technologies (NLT) is the first purpose built cordless lamp to house a tracking tag within the all-in-one, ergonomic enclosure.  Tracking tags help mine operators improve their planning and communication with staff, monitor various key elements of mine operations, enhance their data collection and operate mines more safely.

Housing the tracking tag within the Genesis cap lamp prevents the loss of tracking tags.  Genesis also offers convenience for mine operators by accommodating six different standard RFID and Wi-Fi tracking tags, all of which are powered by the Genesis high capacity battery. And it supports the tracking of personnel and assets on a variety of networks, including the NLT Mining Network.

Genesis provides a superior light pattern and perfectly focused spot.  The primary LED has a life of 20,000 hours and a minimum of 3,500 LUX.  Emergency Flashing is activated with a 5-second hold down.  The high capacity battery discharge time using the main LED exceeds 12 hours and the lamp weighs just 0.41 pounds (187 grams).   Recharging is complete in less than 12 hours and the battery cycle life is in excess of 500 charges.

The Genesis cap lamp will be available in October 2012. An intrinsically safe (IS) version that is approved for use in coal mines is also pending.

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