Auspice Capital Advisors launches GAS – the only ETF tied to Canadian natural gas globally

Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd. (“Auspice”), a leading alternative investment manager, is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Natural Gas Index ETF (“GAS”) and the Canadian Natural Gas Index (“CGI”). Together, they allow investors and market participants to actively monitor and speculate outright on the price of Canadian natural gas.

GAS and the CGI are the only ETF and retail benchmark globally tied to the natural gas produced in Canada. Until now, there has been no other “pure play” for investors outside the wholesale marketplace to take advantage of and use to directly express a position in this important commodity.

“Canadian natural gas is critically important to the North American marketplace,” said Tim Pickering, founder and CIO of Auspice Capital Advisors. “Representing approximately 20 per cent of the continent’s total production, Canada is largest foreign supplier of natural gas to the US – the world’s largest market participant. As such, it is important for investors to be able to accurately track and capitalize on the commodity’s performance.”

The Canadian Natural Gas Index ETF will begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange today under the ticker symbol “GAS.” It tracks the performance of the Canadian Natural Gas Excess Return Index (CNGER), seeking to reflect the returns that an investor would expect to see when holding and rolling the contracts that constitute the CGI benchmark index.

“Natural gas is a valuable commodity used across residential, commercial, and industrial settings,” added Pickering. “By allowing for a more accurate, transparent price tracking method, we hope to raise awareness of Canada’s dominance within
the global natural gas marketplace and allow for enhanced market transparency and participation in this important commodity.”

The CGI Reference Price is displayed in U.S. dollars and represents a 3-month rolling exposure in order to take advantage of liquidity and minimize transaction costs. It is calculated and reported on the New York Stock Exchange website under the ticker symbol “CDNGAS.”

About Auspice Capital Advisors, Ltd.

Auspice is Calgary Canada based fund manager of non-correlated alternatives which since 2006 has partnered with global institutional and retail clients. Led by a respected PM team with institutional pedigree from an Energy major and Canadian bank, Auspice employs a disciplined, rules-based approach to investment management and manages a suite of award-winning and innovative investment products available in a variety of delivery mechanisms (funds, ETFs, indices, managed accounts).

Auspice is registered as a portfolio manager (IFM, CTM, EMD) in Canada and a CTA with the NFA. Auspice is the manager and trustee of the ETF, and is responsible for providing or arranging for the administrative and third party services required.

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