Axis Mining Technology: New & Innovative Range of Mining Survey Tools

axis-logo2PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA (24 September 2015) – Axis Mining Technology Pty Ltd announces the release of 174x99a new and innovative range of mining survey technologies including the Champ Gyro™, Champ Gyro SRO™ (surface readout) & Champ Magshot™.  Axis plans to release further innovations in the near future.

The Champ Gyro is an innovative north seeking solid state gyro survey system – the first of its kind. Designed for driller operation, high quality north seeking gyro data can be obtained by running the Champ Gyro with the Champ OSA, a unique running gear which allows surveys to be conducted as a core sample is retrieved.

Champ OSA

Champ OSA

This revolutionary method of surveying practically eliminates downtime associated with conventional surveying methods as both the Champ Gyro and inner tube are removed simultaneously following the survey. By being fully integrated into normal rig operations, drilling productivity significantly increases. Client standby time charges are greatly reduced and third party survey contractors are not required.

Being a north seeking system, the Champ Gyro is completely unaffected by magnetics. It does not require a starting azimuth or special deployment methods, therefore the Champ Gyro is unaffected by most causes of error seen with conventional EMS and Gyro technology.

Service and Support

Axis supports its customers through strategic support centers located in most major regions around the world. Strong customer support is core to Axis’s philosophy;

Up time
Axis does not just supply a product – it provides a solution. It’s Axis’s job to ensure you have an Champ product on the job, all the time. For rental customers no matter what the reason, Axis provides a 24-hour swap out service from any strategic location.

As with any technology, training is important to optimize operations which is why Axis provides unlimited training at no charge. Conducted by Axis technicians or by one of our experienced service centers.

Technical Support
Your local Axis representative or service center is there to help with any queries you may have. Axis is committed to providing you with a fast response no matter where you are and no matter what time you call. Toll and toll-free dial in numbers can be found on Axis’s website.

Rental and sales options available for most products.

To view the full product information and to contact Axis in your location visit: