Bearings selection is now one click away with SKF’s latest online catalogue

SKF's latest Rolling Bearings Catalogue is now also available online and contains new features to assist customers in the selection of bearing arrangements for their projects. 

The aim of this new publication is to develop into an essential engineering reference for users of rolling bearings. The catalogue consists of the appropriate selection, configurations and applications as well as providing detailed guidance on the correct installation procedures to ensure a long and trouble-free life span.

The Engineering Section has been updated and now includes a step-by-step bearing selection guide, 'Bearings Selection Process', which assists customers to select the correct bearing arrangement for their specific machine or project. This innovative tool, which is a result of SKF's vast experience of rolling bearing design, installation and in-service care, is also available as an online engineering resource for OEMs, SKF-approved distributors and other end-users.

The Engineering Section also includes a thermal analysis feature that can be used to highlight the influence of friction losses on clearance. The introduction of the new feature, 'Popular Items', is designed to speed up and simplify the process of ordering bearings from SKF's most popular product lines. This feature utilises a special icon placed next to popular products that are always available directly from stock.

The catalogue's online content is frequently updated to guarantee that the latest products are included along with the current SKF assortment. All outdated items are removed from the Product Tables as soon as they are withdrawn from the catalogue.

The new catalogue will be available in English print during Winter/Spring 2018.