BMC Minerals wins Yukon's Robert E Leckie environmental award

BMC Minerals have been awarded the annual Robert E Leckie award for ‘Responsible and Innovative Exploration and Mining Practice’, at the 44th Yukon Geoscience Forum Awards Banquet in Whitehorse, Yukon, on November 21, 2016.

This prestigious award recognises mining companies and operators who utilize modern operations and reclamation practices and who show outstanding social responsibility. The award is presented each year to acknowledge exemplary performance in environmental stewardship.

“All our staff feel honoured to be recognised for their efforts at our Kudz Ze Kayah Project,” said Robin Black, VP Exploration of BMC Minerals, “and I would like to thank all those involved in helping us achieve this recognition.”

In his acceptance speech Mr. Black said; “We are extremely pleased to be working in the Yukon and the territory of the Kaska First Nations. An award such as this doesn’t happen by accident; we would like to thank the many local companies, our workforce and management who have all worked extremely hard at KZK over the past two years.”

Following acquisition of the Kudz Ze Kayah Project in 2015, BMC Minerals has progressed several initiatives in social partnering with the aim to establish the Project as a long-term viable economic proposal so that local communities gain meaningful benefit. This has included a supplier development program, ensuring local businesses and service providers are involved in the logistics and supply chain, and the initiation of a Kaska student scholarship programme to support the next generation of mining professionals.

“We are a relatively new company and we take our environmental stewardship very seriously. We intend to continue to manage our project in the manner that was recognized in this award, and in so doing demonstrate that we are a development partner of choice in the Yukon,” said Mr. Black.

The KZK Project is a proposed copper, lead, zinc mine, approximately 115km southwest of Ross River. BMC Minerals expects to submit its’ Project Proposal to the Yukon Environmental and Socioeconomic Assessment Board in early 2017.

“By attaining this level of recognition so early on in our project, we have set a goal for ourselves to continue delivering superior performance in all that we do,” said Rob McIntyre, Vice President External Affairs, BMC Minerals.

BMC Minerals is a Canadian based company wholly owned by BMC (UK) Limited (BMC) a mining development company. BMC was created as the result of a strategic relationship between a team of established mine developers and a major natural resources private equity group focussed on advancing superior base metals assets into development.

The BMC executive team has a strong track record of discovery, development and operation of independent zinc and other base metals projects worldwide. BMC seeks to identify, acquire and develop a portfolio of metals assets during the current depressed commodity prices, with the express intent of delivering a new suite of mining ready production assets into the next commodity cycle upturn. BMC believes that a significant supply and demand gap for many base metals will occur over the next five years due to a lack of current investment resulting in an upcoming dearth of successful new production assets being brought online.

BMC identified the KZK Project as having the potential for full mine development due to its size, grade, metallurgical properties and the opportunity for resource growth.

BMC Minerals acquired the KZK Project in January 2015 and has since engaged in a programme of assessing historical work, extensive seasonal resource drilling, economic assessment, baseline environmental studies and community engagement. Nearly 100% of total major suppliers to the 2016 field programme were from the Yukon or have a strong Yukon background, and of that number 70% are from businesses or corporations associated with Kaska corporations or members.

BMC Minerals strongly believe that a key component of community engagement is relationship building with local communities where the company aims to invest real money in the ground with local involvement and advance the KZK Project while being sensitive to local matters.

BMC Minerals believes the KZK Project will mean enhanced business opportunities for local involvement as well as employment training, work skills and increased meaningful opportunities for employment at supervisory and management level.

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