Boart Longyear Canada reaches 4.2 million man hours LTI-free

Salt Lake City, Utah: 2 May 2018 — Boart Longyear is pleased to announce its Drilling Services division in Canada has reached more than 4.2 million man hours over the last three years (April 2015 to April of 2018), with no lost-time incidents (LTIs). The Company currently employs approximately 640 field employees that work safely every day on drilling projects like surface and underground exploration, production work, sonic, large diameter rotary, RC and mud rotary drilling.

The Company has received both client and industry recognition this year for their great safety record in Canada. The crews at McArthur River reached 14 years LTI-free this year and the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) recognized Boart Longyear with a Safety Achievement Award at the SMA Annual General Meeting Banquet and Awards held on March 2, 2018 in Saskatoon. The SMA also recognized Boart Longyear as the mining contractor with the best safety stats in 2017. The SMA uses reported statistics for safety incidents including first aid medical consultant frequency, medical incident frequency, modified work days severity, lost time injury, and days lost severity to base the recognition.

“This is a significant accomplishment for Boart Longyear, and it’s another example of the good outcomes that can result from the efforts of operational and safety teams living and breathing our safety culture,” said Chief Operating Officer, Denis Despres.  “We are very proud of our Canadian team’s dedication to safety and congratulate them on this prestigious accomplishment.”

The Company acknowledges the participation, collaboration, and contributions from every level and department within Boart Longyear. Mr. Despres added, “On a site level, we value the everyday procedures from standardized pre-start information meetings that focus on daily job tasks and associated hazards and risks, and the daily team and individual-based field level risk assessments. It is everyone’s responsibility to work safely.”

SMA Award Presentation.

SMA Safety Achievement Award BLY 2017.

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