Boart Longyear Launches Core Orientation Tool, TruCore™ in Africa

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — May 16, 2017 — Boart Longyear ( is proud to launch the TruCore™ core orientation system in Africa, following successful launches in Australia and Latin America last year and Canada earlier this year.

“Over the past 127 years, Boart Longyear has continuously delivered innovative solutions for the drilling industry,” said Adam Tomaszewski, product manager, instrumentation for Boart Longyear. “TruCore is no exception. We’ve conducted extensive testing to ensure TruCore provides accurate data, is easy to use (whether you are underground or in bright sunlight), and enhances safety with less manual handling.”

TruCore addresses a variety of the challenges that drillers and geologists face while conducting core orientation:

  • When you need accurate data and cannot risk missed orientations – TruCore has been optimized to ensure that the handheld device lets drillers know when to activate it. The built-in work flow requires the operator to re-confirm the correct orientation before proceeding with the next step. This minimizes the risk of missed orientations.
  • When you need an easy-to-use solution – With its highly visible, flashing LEDs, TruCore notifies the user when there is direct alignment, which reduces the total measurement time and makes TruCore the ideal solution for bright daylight, lowlight and underground operations.
  • When you want to reduce manual handling time and increase safety – There is no need to disassemble the TruCore tool to obtain an orientation mark. As a result, the number of manual handling actions a driller or driller assistant needs to perform is reduced.
  • When you want an alternative to the current market solution – As a trusted supplier of drilling equipment and tooling for 127 years, Boart Longyear offers the first alternative solution in the marketplace for electronic core orientation. It is easy to switch and start using TruCore today.

TruCore is now available to rent in Africa in sizes BQ™ through PQ™.

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About the Core Orientation Process

Core orientation is essential to the Mining & Resources sector, as it marks and determines the precise orientation and position of core while in the ground. This information helps determine faults, cleavages, joints, mineral lineation and other geophysical properties, which lead to better mapping for exploration and mine site development.

About Boart Longyear

Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies. It also has a substantial presence in aftermarket parts and service, energy, mine dewatering, oil sands exploration, production drilling, and down-hole instrumentation.

The Global Drilling Services division operates for a diverse mining customer base spanning a wide range of commodities, including copper, gold, nickel, zinc, uranium and other metals and minerals. The Global Products division designs, manufactures and sells drilling equipment, performance tooling, down-hole instrumentation and parts and services.

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