Brand new hydraulic mining shovel from Cat

(News Release from Cat) – The Cat® 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel is a brand new model in the extensive line of Cat hydraulic mining shovels. The clean-sheet design features a 22-tonne (24-ton) payload and 220-tonne (240-ton) operating weight and teams with the Cat 777G Off-Highway Truck for optimized loading and hauling

Designed for simplicity and reliability without compromising safety, the 6020B features a new, state-of-the-art cab and operator station with class-leading visibility provided by the large floor window and expansive windshield and side windows. Unrestricted lines of sight to the crawler tracks and pit floor aid the operator when repositioning the shovel and when loading trucks. The innovative cab design also includes two additional seats for a trainer and an observer. The 6020B three-seat cab design is the first in this size class of shovels.

Modular construction with a walk-through power module enables easy access to components and superior serviceability. Additionally, modular design facilitates shipping and field assembly of the 6020B. The single-engine configuration also simplifies maintenance. The 778-kW (1,043-hp) Cat engine powers advanced hydraulics, which deliver industry-leading system efficiency.

The Cat® 6020B hydraulic mining shovel

The Cat® 6020B hydraulic mining shovel is a brand new, “clean-sheet” design making its market debut at Bauma. Offering an optimized loading/hauling system solution, the 6020B, with its 22 tonne payload and a 220 tonne operating weight, pairs well with Cat 777G off-highway trucks.

The new 6020B in backhoe configuration is making a preview appearance at bauma 2013 and will be commercially available in the fourth quarter this year.

State-of-the-art cab and operator station
The newly designed cab and operator station is the product of a multi-year collaboration with mining companies and hydraulic shovel operators from across the globe. The result is a productivity- and safety-enhancing design through unmatched visibility, increased comfort, and easier training while operating.

The operator station offers a wide range of adjustability to enable operators to adapt the machine to suit personal preferences. The seat suspension and armrests adjust to fit an extended range of body sizes, and the display screen adjusts for brightness and contrast to suit the operator and to adjust for ambient conditions. The climate control system automatically maintains the operator’s selected temperature.

The isolator-mounted cab effectively reduces fatigue-causing vibration, and the cab floor features a no-step design that reduces tripping hazards. The cab configuration also places an additional emergency stop button within reach of the trainer and observer seats.

The trainer seat positioned adjacent to the operator seat provides an optimal view of the working face and facilitates communication during training. The elevated observer’s work station is positioned behind the operator seat and provides space for a laptop computer as well as an unobstructed view of the operator station and the digging environment.

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