Bucket excavator goes on sale by Cemex on an online auction platform

Montreuil: 4 October 2018 – For the first time in France, a bucket excavator – the world’s largest construction machine for mining – will be auctioned.

A bucket excavator is a civil engineering machine used primarily in the exploitation of surface deposits. Their main function is to dig continuously in open-cast mines on a large scale. Bucket excavators are among the largest vehicles built by man. The first documented use of this type of gear dates from 1859, developed Alphonse Couvreux, which has allowed the construction of the Suez Canal with this type of machine.

Cemex had already sold TP machines on the Agorastore platform in 2017 and almost all the machines had found takers. Following this success, the company chose Agorastore to give a second life to an unusual material unknown to the general public; a priori for export, thenexcavator Pelerin (5RDP4CH) has 42 buckets on its chain (replaced in 2015) and displays a theoretical flow of 400 T / h at 9-10m.

Starting price: 580 000 € HT

The auction will begin on November 29 and end on November 30. To bid you must register on Agorastore, justify a professional activity related to the product and go to the platform from the beginning of the auction.