Building one of the tallest shaft headframes in the world

Oyu Tolgoi Project: Hugo Dummett Mine, Shaft No. 1 and Shaft No. 2

The Oyu Tolgoi Project lies 80 km from the Chinese border within the Gobi desert in Mongolia. It is the largest known deposit of copper and gold in the world. This unique location is characterized by extreme weather conditions, including dust storms and rapid changes of temperatures from +39° to -31°C seasonally and even within a 24 hour timeframe.

The Oyu Tolgoi Project’s Hugo Dummett Mine was designed to extract the deep copper/gold porphyry deposit by block caving methods across an operating life exceeding 40 years. Our role in Mongolia was to help Ivanhoe mines realize their production targets by providing engineering, design, procurement, and quality assurance for Shafts No. 1 and No. 2 of the total 5 mine shafts planned for the site at the time.

Our team designed Shaft No. 1 for initial orebody access, definition drilling, and a future hoisting facility able to lift 2,500 t/d of ore from 1,285 m below surface. Shaft No. 2 is currently being designed at a 10.0 m diameter, and will have one of the tallest shaft headframes in the world, measuring over 96 m high.

The largest economic undertaking in Mongolia’s history, Oyu Tolgoi will contribute to the lives of many Mongolians for years to come.

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