Cluster Nozzles – the ideal replacement for under-performing dust suppression nozzles

Matching the size of dust particles with the size of water droplets is critical in every dust suppression installation. The challenge in some environments is to produce a mass of very fine water droplets using hydraulic pressure only. The CAY Cluster Nozzles offer an effective solution in these situations.

The CAY Cluster Nozzle has 7 orifices in the one unit so it produces a significantly finer spray than a conventional full-cone nozzle with only one orifice. Each Nozzle contains a swirl generator which spreads the water droplets in a wide, circular spray of 130° to produce a large cloud of fine mist powered by hydraulic pressure only.

Not only that, the 7 orifices operate under the same pressure and use the same amount of water as a single orifice nozzle making the CAY highly efficient and economical to use.


CAY Cluster Nozzles are easy to install and contain an inbuilt filter to minimise clogging. They can be installed in existing, ineffective systems for an instant and cost effective improvement in dust suppression.

They are particularly suitable for use at waste transfer, materials handling and recycling stations or to suppress dust along conveyors and at transfer points.

Their low profile and availability in brass makes the CAY Cluster Nozzles an excellent choice for fire suppression applications where the aesthetics of the nozzles are important.

For applications such as gas scrubbing and waste water evaporation or for marine applications, the CAY Cluster Nozzles are available in AISI 316 stainless steel. For other applications, the Nozzles are available in AISI 303 stainless steel.

Expert advice on dust suppression

The Italian designed and manufactured CAY Cluster Nozzles are available in Australia from Tecpro Australia.

Tecpro is a specialist engineering supply company with Technical Consultants to provide expert advice on a wide range of industrial applications including a variety of effective solutions for dust suppression.

For information on the most appropriate dust suppression and spray nozzle options for your situation, call the Technical Consultants at Tecpro Australia on 1800 TECPRO or visit