Dassault Systèmes introduces GEOVIA Surpac™ 6.6 with new stope design tools, digitising and 3D cad tools enhancements

Dassault Systèmes releases the latest version of GEOVIA Surpac, the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software application. Surpac 6.6 provides unique and powerful underground engineering tools that are especially suited for the design of stope shapes.

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The new Stope Design Tools module enables underground engineers and designers to accomplish stope design tasks efficiently with an easy, simple and fast stope design process. The module includes two tools: interactive Stope Designer and Stope Slicer.

  • The interactive Stope Designer tool offers easy and rapid comparison of the geometry on successive planes so that it is easy for the engineer to ensure the resultant designs are practical and achievable.
  • The Stope Slicer tool quickly and easily produces practical, tactical mining shapes, by dividing any solid into smaller solids that represent the stoping units to be mined and the pillars that must remain to satisfy safety requirements.

Additional release highlights include:

  • Productivity improvements for plotting, making it dramatically faster and easier to include tabulated data on plans and sections created by Surpac.
  • New enhancements to Surpac’s digitising and 3D CAD tools, providing benefits to underground and open pit mining operations by enabling more efficient work practices with fewer mouse clicks to achieve better results.
  • Numerous customer-requested product enhancements for a better user experience and increased productivity.

To learn more about Surpac and to watch product videos, visit: www.3ds.com/GEOVIA/surpac-product-news.

As part of Dassault Systèmes, GEOVIA applications lead the way in delivering tomorrow's innovations in modelling and simulation for mining and is home to world-renowned solutions including Surpac, GEMS, Minex, Whittle, MineSched, PCBC, Hub and InSite. For more information, visit www.3ds.com/GEOVIA.

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