Dassault Systèmes Releases GEOVIA Whittle 4.6 with 64 Bit Processing and New Block Model Import Wizard


Dassault Systèmes announced the release of the latest version of GEOVIA Whittle™, the world’s most trusted strategic mine planning software. Whittle 4.6 helps users to add more economic value to projects, and saves time by streamlining mining processes.

With a 64-bit version and Windows 8.1 support, Whittle 4.6 handles large datasets, optimizes operations processes and runs bigger models, making this version of Whittle more efficient to use than ever.

Whittle 4.6 highlights include:

  • 64 Bit Modern Processing enables the handling of large datasets, extending the limit of files sizes, for more efficient processing of data in addition to increased scheduling accuracy as result of improved algorithmic decisions.
  • A new Block Model Import Wizard provides a simplified workflow for exporting files from GEOVIA Surpac™ and other GMPs increasing accuracy and precision with less data manipulation, and saves time by importing multiple surfaces from a single DTM, DWG or DXF file.
  • Improved floating point arithmetic provides more accurate binning by grade range for a more positive impact on NPV.

To learn more about Whittle 4.6 please visit www.geovia.com/whittle.

As part of Dassault Systèmes, GEOVIA applications lead the way in delivering tomorrow's innovations in modeling and simulation for mining and is home to world-renowned solutions including Surpac, GEMS, Minex, Whittle, MineSched, PCBC, Hub and InSite. For more information, visit www.GEOVIA.com.