Differential EnergyTM Blasting Trial Results in Step-Change for Gold Mine

Dyno Nobel, a subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited (ASX: IPL), announces today the results from the Differential EnergyTM blasting trial conducted at a gold mine in the western United States.

The trial showed Differential Energy increased overall shovel productivity by 8%, reduced powder factor by 18%, eliminated the need to dewater wet drill holes and reduced all visible NOx after-blast fumes over traditional blasting methods.

The trial was a major success; improving fragmentation, reducing fumes and increasing ore production. The customer will be implementing Dyno Nobel’s Differential Energy system throughout the mine site.

Dyno Nobel’s proprietary Differential Energy explosive delivery technology allows mine operators to precisely vary the characteristics of the bulk explosive in the borehole to match rock properties and address specific needs. The Differential Energy system is delivered through specially designed bulk trucks using proprietary down-the-hole automatic gassing technology with Dyno Nobel’s Titan® ΔE 1000 bulk explosive.

Dave Hunsaker, Bulk Products & Delivery System Product Manager for Dyno Nobel, explains: “Generally, the explosive energy profile in the borehole is limited by product type and physics. Energy distribution varies slightly, or not at all, using traditional methods and products. The differentially gassed explosive emulsion provides a much greater degree of energy distribution without any reduction in pumping speed.”

In the trial, the blasters were able to precisely load three different energy density segments into the borehole. The aim was to optimize the energy distribution by placing the higher energy profile at the bottom of the blasting hole, normal energy profile in the middle and lower profile energy at the top.

“At the gold mine, through a collaborative approach, Differential Energy proved to be a practical and innovative solution in continuous improvement,” said Larry Mirabelli, Dyno Nobel Senior Project Engineer.

The Differential Energy blasting trial was conducted by Dyno Nobel’s joint venture partner, Buckley Powder Company.