Effective fuel management for the industrial fleet: a cognitive approach

Rising fuel consumption and the resulting OPEX pressure is a concern across heavy industries. These aspects can hamper growth as well.

The solution is a connected fuel management system, which:

  • Is based on cognitive approach
  • Is capable of tracking equipment and ascertaining its health in real time
  • Helps optimize fuel consumption leading to reduced costs

In the latest white paper by Tata Consultancy Services, discover how emerging digital technologies such as IoT, cloud and analytics can make fuel consumption and fleet operations super cost efficient.

[gview file=”https://mining.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Effective-Fuel-Management-as-a-Cognitive-Approach-for-Industrial-Fleet-Final.pdf”]

Ashim Ganguly: Functional consultant & CoE lead of Energy & Resources (E&R)

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