Electrolube Gets To The Heart Of Critical Duty Electronics for Mining and Utilities

Electro-chemicals specialist, Electrolube is often called upon to deliver high-performance conformal coatings and encapsulation materials for electronics devices destined for critical or hazardous applications in multiple industries including mining that demand utmost reliability and maximum levels of safety.

Electrolube’s products are integral components of a finished electronic device and are often unseen or recognised. The mining sector imposes stringent standards of safety and reliability of electronic and electrical assemblies that are deployed in extremely demanding environments. Here, the protection of circuits from environmental factors and their isolation from environmental hazards are the critical design considerations.

Electrolube resins and conformal coatings are also widely used by OEMs serving the mining sector, where they are used to protect lighting power supplies, control and wireless communication devices, gas detection among others, in compliance with the exacting standards imposed by this industry. Electrolube’s resins meet a variety of international standards and offer flame retardancy, UL approvals, RHoS compliance and tolerance of temperature extremes.

More information about Electrolube may be found at http://www.electrolube.com


About Electrolube

Electrolube, a division of H.K. Wentworth Limited, is a leading manufacturer of specialist chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing.  Core product groups include conformal coatings, contact lubricants, thermal management materials, cleaning solutions, encapsulation resins and maintenance and service aids.

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