Epiroc COP MD 20 rocks the drilling industry

16 April 2018 – Epiroc recently boosted its rock drill portfolio with the introduction of the new COP MD 20.

“All the capabilities and features of the COP 1838 HD+ has been optimised in the COP MD20 making it hands down the toughest drill in mining,” says Business Line Manager for Epiroc’s Underground Rock Excavation (URE) Division, Vince Tyler.

The COP MD20 has been engineered for improved performance, extended life span and reduced running costs. “Thanks to its completely new design, end-users can look forward to increased productivity and uptime and reduced maintenance costs delivering almost unbeatable Total Cost of Ownership,” confirms Tyler.

From a productivity point of view, Tyler explains that the innovative design allows for more percussion hours between overhauls leading to faster drilling. The unit has been optimised for mine drift applications giving faster blast/bolt hole drilling. Few housing parts provide stability and durability. In addition, the recommended 1 000 hour service interval which is 67% longer compared to the COP 1838HD+ series means less service occasion so that end-users can drill longer between every overhaul. Improved resistance to free hammering reduces breakdowns and lowers cost. “Using the standard overhaul kit as reference, we estimate a 25% reduction in maintenance costs compared to the COP 1838HD+,” adds Tyler.

Tyler says that the COP MD 20 features several new innovations to deliver solutions never seen before. “Thanks to our new design, increased life length extends beyond the rock drill to the drill rig and drill tools. The new hose reel on the feed with individual grooves, alongside the new hose layout (individual hose routing at the rear), deliver game changing hose life by minimising rock contact/wear subsequently lowering hose consumption.” The optimised dual dampening system delivers a higher penetration rate and reduces vibrations and stress on feed and boom components, improving operator comfort as well as the life span of drill tool and drilling consumables. Furthermore, rubber seal protection of mating surfaces improves protection against contamination.

“To optimise customer convenience, we have made a conversion kit available to facilitate the replacement of the COP 1838HD+ with the new COP MD 20,” notes Tyler. “As the kit is offered for equipment with 6000 and 2000 series feed, there is no need for feed replacement.”

Summing up, Tyler says, “With its completely new design focusing on high performance, robustness, increased productivity, efficiency and long life reliability, the new COP MD 20 is rock drilling at its best.”

The COP MD20 from Epiroc – hands down the toughest drill in mining

The COP MD20 rock drill from Epiroc_engineered for improved performance, extended life span & reduced running costs