“Once you experience the value of Atlas Copco there’s no looking back” – Dynamic Air

Dynamic Air recently purchased two XATS1200 compressors from Atlas Copco Power Technique to replace older same brand compressors for one of their customers in the oil refinery industry.

Having reached between 18 000 and 21 00 hours, we can safely say that these two Atlas Copco compressors have served us and our customer very well and it is now time for them to retire from their full time job!” says Raymond Herholdt, Operations Manager at Dynamic Air. “35% more air delivery per compressor coupled with the added versatility of choosing between 5 and 10 bar with the flick of a switch, the efficiency of the new XATS1200 machines will without any doubt add value for the end-user.”

“This 5 to 10 bar variant is possible thanks to Atlas Copco pioneered PACE technology which is available on our new range of large compressors,” says Power Technique Business Line Manager, David Stanford.  The intuitive PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) is a dynamic optimisation feature that allows the end-user to tap into the electric engine to control pressure and flow. PACE technology allows the operator to have multiple pressures out of a single machine. “This means it is not necessary for the end-user to have four compressor machines to achieve four different variants,’ explains Stanford. “In essence, PACE does the job of two machines. By removing two machines out of the equation capital expenditure is halved. Added benefits include improved efficiencies in terms of time spent and fuel consumed.”

He adds that PACE, a simple software package with no additional hardware required, is also available on some of the Utility compressor ranges. “Our compressors’ Tier 2 and 3 electric engines are ideally suited to PACE presenting the perfect combination between engine and technology. The proven efficiency, flexibility and extended lifespan of our large compressor range with the added benefit of improved fuel consumption during part loads hold strong to the Atlas Copco brand promise of ‘Sustainable Productivity’.”

The two new XATS1200 compressors complement Dynamic Air’s extensive Atlas Copco rental fleet of 49 units consisting of eleven different models ranging from the smaller XAS96 to the XAS526 compressors.

Dynamic Air, a long-standing key Power Technique customer, is a leading supplier of top quality, cost effective, total compressed air and generator solutions to a wide range of industries in the Vaal Triangle, Nigel, Midvaal and Parys regions. The company’s customer applications range from easy to harsh conditions in industries such as general construction, light demolition, refinery, refractories and iron furnaces.

“Our goal in supplying our products and services is to maximise customer productivity and competitiveness which is not an easy task in the harsh rental business environment,” states Herholdt. “Sending units to customers who have their own operators always carries a risk of abuse. Mantras like ‘nothing revs like a rental’ comes to mind. We therefore rely on having a high quality robust, reliable unit that is able to withstand tough conditions and deliberate torture. This is where quality of the build comes into play. We see the full benefit of quality and reliability when uptime is crucial. Uninterrupted operation and unhindered productivity means a satisfied customer and repeat business. Over the past eighteen years the superior quality of Power Technique’s products has surpassed all other manufacturers making Atlas Copco our preferred brand.”

Heroldt says that comparing the performance of Atlas Copco equipment across the range with competitor products, Atlas Copco’s units are smaller, lighter and they deliver more air, power, light, and flow. “The products do what they are supposed to do and more and they do so efficiently! He adds that technology like the FuelXpert for efficiency at partial load and high efficiency screw elements mean more productivity with less fuel costs.

“With Atlas Copco striving for ‘Sustainable Productivity’ their units are always ahead with emissions control,” continues Heroldt. “The ‘green drive is gaining more traction, and offering this technology in the units is certainly a qualitative advantage when a customer is looking for a long-term solution.”

Lastly but certainly no less important, Heroldt lauds the Power Technique equipment for its user-friendliness and operator safety and comfort, mentioning that the no frills-no fuss concept of green for go and red for stop makes the operator’s life simple and prevents mistakes.

“Our customers hail Atlas Copco products for their durability, efficiency and overall low cost of ownership. Understanding the value that Atlas Copco products add to their business, our customers would rather wait for a shipment than go for a competitor product. There’s simply no looking back once you experience the value that the products offer! Added to this, the availability and on-time delivery for critical and service parts gives Atlas Copco a massive competitive advantage. We can always count on Atlas Copco’s service team who is readily available to lend on-time assistance to our customers. We are a proud Atlas Copco dealer,” concludes Heroldt.

With service intervals of 500 hours, an integrated optimised air filtration system and a dedicated service door for convenient oil level observation and oil filling, service on these large compressors cannot be simpler.  “For customers like Dynamic Air with a competent team of technicians who are capable of servicing and repairing our machines and who understand the importance of using only genuine parts, we are happy to take up a support function only,” says Stanford.

In addition to providing training during product hand-over, Dynamic Air technicians have access to comprehensive year-round product and technical training.

Power Technique’s comprehensive product offering of compressors, generators, light towers and pumps deliver mobile on-site power solutions to the construction, mining and rental industries.

David Stanford (left) & Pamela Finniss from Atlas Copco Power Technique with Raymond Herholdt in front of one of the two XATS1200 compressors purchased by Dynamic Air