Flexible, autonomous dust suppression unit that’s ready to go

Dust can’t be suppressed without water but many sites don’t have easy access to a water supply. So what do you do?

Italian company EMiControls recently launched its latest model – the autonomous V12sm Dust Controller which is mounted to a specially designed trailer with integrated water tank.

The unit looks like something out of the legendary 1960’s TV series, Thunderbirds. Along with improvements to the V12 Dust Controller itself, the trailer accommodates a 10,000L water tank and a 60 kVA diesel generator.

The V12sm design improvements include faster rotation and tilting speeds. It also has an increased tilt range of -10° up to +45° from the horizon, an easy to use touch screen and a heavy duty remote control. The unit also has a low noise function with an operation sound level of 63 dBA at 20 meters – that equates to conversation levels in an office!

The V12sm continues to include EMiControls’ patented nozzle head which comprises a centre ring of spray nozzles to ensure the spray is more resistant to wind. As a result, throw accuracy and distance are maintained with up to 60 meters coverage.

The entire unit is manufactured and assembled at the factory in Italy and includes the trailer with mounted V12sm Dust Controller, water tank and generator. At 6000mm x 2500mm, the self-contained unit easily fits into a shipping container or can be installed onto trucks with a 6 metre tray.

Tecpro Australia has the exclusive distribution rights in Australia and New Zealand for all EMiControls’ products including the self-contained V12sm dust suppression unit.

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