Improved presence for Metso's flow control business thanks to new distribution agreement with Croatia-based Eco Consult

Metso is expanding the coverage of its flow control solutions with a distribution agreement with the Croatia-based company Eco Consult d.o.o. The agreement was signed in 2017, and orders have already been placed for refinery and geothermal projects.

The company operates particularly in Eastern Europe and already has a 13-year history of cooperation with Metso.

"We are excited to take our cooperation to the next level. Sustainability is the key for us, and Metso's high-quality, proven valve solutions are a match for us and our customers. As a distributor, we can now provide an impressive range of Metso valves combined with our knowledge and extensive experience of them," says Goran Pavlovic, CEO of Eco Consult.

Eco Consult has a strong presence in the power, oil and gas industries, and it also serves e.g. other process industries, energy projects and steel production.

"This agreement allows us to extend the availability of our solutions vastly in Europe and provide comprehensive solutions to customers as an addition to our local services," says Robert Prinz, Director for Central and Eastern Europe of Flow Control at Metso.


First orders received

The first order for control valves, received in Q1, was for a refinery expansion project in Russia. Eco Consult was able to offer Metso's comprehensive variety of valves, resulting in a one-stop-shop solution that saved time and resources for the customer. The order included Neles® globe and segment valves, all with Metso's actuator and ND positioner. Metso's Neles® standard and severe service globe valves are designed to operate at extreme pressures and temperatures.

The second order was received in Q2 for a geothermal project in Croatia for Neles® control valves, all in a high-alloy material that ensures corrosion resistance and very high mechanical strength.

The valves in a geothermal power plant must endure demanding process conditions, such as high pressure differences, flashing and silica scaling, and they must meet all safety requirements. Today, Metso has the widest product scope with an extensive pressure rating for the wellhead phase in the process.


Distribution channel expansion calls for recognized partners   

Developing the distribution channel globally is one of the most important strategic growth initiatives of Metso's Flow Control business. By partnering with the top distributors, Metso improves its presence in the traditional core areas, as well as in new markets, to serve its customers better.